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Providing compassionate care throughout your pregnancy & delivery

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Welcome to the amazing experience of pregnancy and childbirth. What a pivotal milestone in your family’s life!

The providers at Women’s Health Care are dedicated to providing women with personalized and compassionate prenatal care. We want you to feel prepared and comfortable in your pregnancy whether it is your first baby or your fifth. Your health and your baby’s safety are our primary concerns.

We value your time which is why we offer on-site ultrasound, multiple office locations and 24/7 call coverage. Our main office is steps away from Labor and Delivery and the Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.


Personalized Care

 Every pregnancy is different, so why get treated like your pregnancy is the same as everyone else’s? The obstetricians at Women’s Health Care believe in personalized care for every patient to ensure you get the very best treatment during your pregnancy.

Our all-female providers will address each issue based on your personal and medical history. We care for women with routine as well as high-risk pregnancies. We manage pregnancies complicated by breech position, multiple gestation (twins/triplets), gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and pregnancies achieved through infertility treatments.

We are pleased you chose us to participate in the care of your pregnancy and delivery. It is important to us that every step be taken to build a trusting relationship throughout your pregnancy journey and deliver a healthy baby. Please do not hesitate to ask our providers if you have any questions regarding your prenatal care.

Routine Pregnancies

Multiple Gestation

High-Risk Pregnancies


Prenatal Appointments

Your first appointment will be a prenatal phone interview with one of our nurses. Your first office visit with your provider is scheduled between 8-10 weeks and lasts about 30 minutes. This will include an ultrasound, labs and an overview of our practice as well as a thorough discussion of current guidelines and recommendations in pregnancy. Routine prenatal visits will be made monthly until you reach 28 weeks gestation. You will then be seen every 2 weeks through 36 weeks gestation. After that, you will have weekly visits until you deliver to ensure the health of you and your baby. These routine prenatal visits are about 10-15 minutes long.

If unexpected problems occur during your pregnancy, you may be asked to come in for additional office visits. If you are ill or have a particular problem, you may be seen by a PA or your MD, when needed. If you are considered to be a high risk pregnancy (over age 35, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes to name a few), your doctor may add visits, labs or ultrasounds to your care plan. We also co-manage high risk pregnancies with the maternal-fetal medicine specialists at ProHealth Care’s Women’s Center.

We always welcome your significant other and family to participate in the prenatal care, the delivery experience and to join you in your office visits.

Once you are in to your third trimester of pregnancy, it is important to start thinking about a pediatrician to care for your baby.
Please ensure they accept your insurance and are taking new patients.


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