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Our goal at Women’s Health Care is to provide every patient infertility services in a caring, respective and time-sensitive manner while maintaining cost effectiveness. It is also our goal to help inform you of the costs involved as many insurance carriers do not consider infertility services an eligible benefit.

We recommend that you is to call your insurance company so you know exactly what is covered and if there are any limitations to the coverage. Knowledge of this prior to beginning care will save time and unwanted expenses. The billing department is happy to help you with questions and may assist in obtaining information. However, our office cannot guarantee insurance payments.

Below you will find approximate costs of different diagnostic and treatment options we use for infertility. Prepayments for the services are required. Prepayments may be waived if benefits have been confirmed and it is a contracted insurance company.

If you have specific questions regarding insurance or charges related to infertility, please call our billing department at 262-549-2229.

Consultation Cost
Established patient — $384.00
New patient — $544.00

Day 3 Bloods (with corresponding CPT code):
TSH (84443) — $76.00
FSH (83001) — $84.00
Prolactin (84146) — $88.00
Estradiol (82670) — $126.00
Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH – 83520) — $63.00 
Hemoglobin A1C (83036) — $96.00

Baseline/Midcycle Infertility Ultrasound:
Follicle scan (ultrasound – 76857) — $368.00

Other tests:
Progesterone (84144) — $94.00
Clomid/Letrozole prescription — Variable
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG – 58340) — $474.00 plus hospital costs
Sonohysterogram (76831 & 58340) — $962.00
Semen Analysis — $115.00

Intrauterine Insemination Cycles (IUI)*
IUI with partner sperm washing (58322 & 58323) — $388.00
IUI with donor sperm (58322) — $320.00
Donor sperm specimen — Variable

*The above are procedure costs only, without the use of medications
**Full prepayment of the above costs are required at the time of service
**All fees are subject to change without notice.


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